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Eurofins EnvironeX laboratories, certified in compliance with ISO 17025 standard of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), stands out by offering a broad range of services to the food industry. These services are aimed more specifically at the primary industry such as fresh fruits and vegetables packaging, processing plants (meat and poultry), ready-to-eat (RTE), ingredients, packaging material manufacturers and distributors.

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Our Food Analysis

We use rapid selective detection methods that allow our laboratories to provide complete analysis services. We can offer advice and high performance diagnostic tools to all food sector professionals (restaurant owners, caterers, cafeterias, food services, supermarkets).

Conscious of constant evolution, our research and development team apply their know-how in order to offer you the best services, whatever your needs: food safety, detection of contaminants, nutritional value labelling, quality control, etc. We can assist you at all levels of production and our experienced staff can help you ensure the quality of your products.

Food Services

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