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Quality Policy

We maintain a certified quality management system that meets the highest industry standards.

This system is supported by a quality policy developed and approved by Marc Hamilton, President of Eurofins EnvironeX.

Our commitment to customers

Eurofins EnvironeX provides its individual, commercial and industrial customers with the most diversified range of chemical and microbiological analyses in the environmental, agrifood, health and pharmaceutical fields.

Eurofins EnvironeX relies on the highest quality standards in the industry, both in terms of speed of execution and accuracy of results, in order to support its clients in achieving their objectives and contributing to the success of their businesses.

Since our customers are at the center of our daily concerns, we are committed to always offering them courteous, personalized and confidential service. Eurofins EnvironeX positively welcomes any feedback allowing it to analyze and retroact on its ways of working and improve its procedures, with the sole aim of continually doing better to offer its customers highest quality.

Our commitment to quality

Eurofins EnvironeX undertakes to :

  • ensure that the needs and expectations of our customers are met in order to obtain and maintain their confidence, particularly with regard to quality and deadlines in order to maintain our competitive advantages and our advantageous position in a fierce competitive market;

  • meet and continuously improve the requirements of the quality management system, by adopting and implementing appropriate control programs and respecting the best existing professional practices in our sector of activity;

  • comply with and take all the measures required to maintain the International Standard ISO / IEC 17025 in place, comply with the requirements of the accreditation program for analytical laboratories (PALA) of the provincial environment ministry, as well as to respect the Good practices according the requirements of Health Canada;

  • in terms of procurement, Eurofins EnvironeX ensures that any supplier having an impact on quality is selected and evaluated on the basis of its capacity and aptitude to provide products or services, in accordance with our requirements and the highest quality standards;

  • ensure that its staff have the necessary skills, acquired through appropriate education, training, demonstrated knowledge and / or acquired experience, in order to be able to meet the highest quality standards;

  • ensure that its staff are free from any conflict of interest and are not subject to any pressure or commercial, financial or other undue influence, internal or external, direct or indirect, likely to have an impact on the quality of its work, the impartiality and probity of his colleagues as well as the reputation of Eurofins EnvironeX.

We are committed to communicating this policy within the company – as well as all documents, policies and procedures forming part of our quality management system – and to take the necessary measures to ensure that it is understood and applied at all times.

Marc Hamilton
Microbiologist, RMCCM