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Quality Policy

We maintain a certified quality management system that meets the highest industry standards. This system is supported by a quality policy developed and approved by Marc Hamilton, President of Eurofins EnvironeX.

Our Commitment to our Clients

Eurofins EnvironeX offers its private, commercial and industrial clients the most diversified range of chemical and microbiological analyses available in the environmental, agrifood, and health and pharmaceutical sectors.

Eurofins EnvironeX employs the industry’s highest quality standards in terms of rapid execution and accurate results in order to help its clients achieve their goals and contribute to the success of their company.

Since our clients are our highest priority, we strive to consistently offer a friendly, personalized and confidential service. Eurofins EnvironeX welcomes any feedback that could help us analyze and rethink our methods and improve our procedures with the sole purpose of providing our clients with services of the highest quality.

Our Commitment to Quality

Eurofins EnvironeX is committed to :

  • meeting the needs and requirements of our clients in an effort to earn and keep their trust with regard to quality and deadlines so as to maintain our competitive edge and strong position in a highly competitive market;
  • continuing to meet and improve upon the requirements of the quality management system through the adoption and implementation of relevant control programs and compliance with the industry’s best professional practices;
  • complying with and taking the necessary steps to keep the ISO/CEI 17025 International Standard and respecting the conditions for maintaining our Health Canada Establishment Licence;
  • in terms of procurement, ensuring that suppliers having an impact on quality are selected and assessed based on their ability to provide products or services that meet our requirements as well as the highest quality standards;
  • ensuring that our employees have the necessary skills, education, training, knowledge and/or experience to meet the highest quality standards;
  • ensuring that our employees have no conflicts of interest and are not under any undue pressure or influence, whether commercial, financial or otherwise, internal or external, direct or indirect, capable of calling into question the quality of their work, the integrity of their colleagues or the reputation of Eurofins EnvironeX.

This policy – as well as all other documents, policies and procedures included in our quality management system – will be communicated within the company and the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that it is understood and applied in a consistent manner.

Marc Hamilton
Microbiologist, RMCCM