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Technical services, consulting and other expert assessments

Eurofins EnvironeX Laboratories can perform a wide range of expert assessments to better address problems. We can help you identify solutions, advise you and assist you in implementing these solutions.

Technical and Environmental Services

  • Sampling of drinking and bathing water by our certified technicians;

  • Personalised sample collection by our couriers;

  • Qualified personnel and equipment required for sampling or automated snapshot of your samples (surface water, groundwater or wastewater) with ground measurements (e.g. speed, recording the pH, temperature, oxygen, residual chlorine, etc.). Report writing full characterization;

  • Sampling of compressed air used in the production (e.g. vacuum packaging) for validation of the absence of bacterial contamination.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services can be complemented by our engineers specializing in ventilation and energy savings, wastewater treatment, building structures or other services offered by Eurofins EnvironeX.