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Cannabinoid Profile (Potency)

Cannabinoids are the actives present in Cannabis that give the product both its medicinal and psychoactive properties. Cannabinoid content must be measured and reported on the product.

The Cannabis Act requires the following cannabinoids be quantitatively measured.

  • THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol

  • THCA - Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid

  • CBD - Cannabidiol

  • CBDA - Cannabinolic Acid

  • CBN - Cannabinol

We have a validated an in house method using an HPLC and UV detector.

We also have an expanded method that can measure additional Cannabinoids including.

  • CBG - Cannabigerol

  • CBGA - Cannabigerolic Acid

  • CBC - Cannabichromene

  • CBCA - Cannabichromenic Acid

Additional cannabinoids of interest available upon request

We also perform cannabinoid testing as per the German Pharmacoepia. We have verified the method for use with fresh, dried and extracted oil Cannabis products.