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Consumer Products

Standards of quality

Through our consumer products department, Eurofins EnvironeX offers first-class complimentary services to help businesses from all industries ensure that their products meet the highest standards of quality. Our customized programs outline product characterisation, from raw materials to the finished product, including comparison testing with your choice of references.

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Examples of consumer products:

Recognition and quality

We use analytical methods that are standardized by known organisations (ASTM, BNQ, AOAC, Health Canada, etc.) in order to maximize the recognition and validity your quality assurance programs.


Testing Categories

Examples of testing provided


Heavy metals, % peroxide, % zinc oxide, % anionic active ingredients


Weight, net volume, dimensions, product assembly, finishings, presence of foreign objects


pH, % of solids and ashes, viscosity by Brookfield,


Stretching, flexion, adhesion, perforation, compression


Comparison of different parameters with chosen references


Sensory analysis (taste, fragrance, odor, texture, visual aspect, etc.)


Foaming, cleaning capabilities, absorption, moisture return


Mold, HPC bacteria, coliforms, presence of algae

Consumer Products Services

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