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Consulting services

Eurofins EnvironeX professionals have all the experience and expertise needed to fill all types of needs and provide specific advice to restaurant owners, food service chains and industries.

Indeed, the restaurants and distribution sectors must meet many requirements. In order to satisfy these needs, our consultants offer their assistance and advice that guarantee that your products meet the standards that are in effect. In case of an at-risk situation, we propose to proceed with an inspection and provide you a report immediately after its completion. Our expertise in the agrifood industry enables us to advise you on your manufacturing processes, regulations that are in effect or any other subject related to the food industry.

To help you determine and/or improve the lifespan of your products, elaborate your menus (nutritional information, allergen identification), guide you in solving problems regarding quality or even handle possible client or consumer complaints, our consultants are available to offer you personalized counselling services.

As to the agrifood industries, our specialists and graduates in food science and technology are very knowledgeable and their acquired experience can provide advice on the various technological processes of manufacturing, regulations, conduct investigations on the possible causes of product or environmental contamination and even help you to determine and/or improve the lifespan of your products.