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Contaminated soil, solid wastes and hazardous materials

Contaminated soil, regardless of the source of contamination, represents a real danger to any ecosystem and to public health. To preserve the integrity of soil and groundwater, our laboratories can offer a wide range of analysis to help you determine the measures to take if contamination has occurred. In addition, we can conduct analysis on solxid and hazardous wastes based on your needs.

Contaminated Soil, Solid Wastes and Hazardous Materials Analysis​

We offer a wide range of analysis and assessments to safeguard the integrity of the soil and groundwater:

  • Analysis of sludge (municipal and other), compost and fertilizing waste material;

  • Analysis for the recovery of non-hazardous industrial byproducts;

  • Analysis of waste according to the Regulation respecting the landfilling and incineration of residual materials (REIMR) and the Regulation respecting hazardous materials (RHM);

  • Analysis of soil and contaminated groundwater in accordance with the Soil Protection and Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites Policy regulations under the Act to amend the Environment Quality Act and other legislative amendments with regard to land protection and rehabilitation (Bill 72, 2002, c.11), such as :