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Oils, Fuels and Glycol

We offer a broad range of testing services using the ASTM methods to characterize our clients’ hydraulic oils, transformer oils, motor oils, heating oils, transmission fluids, diesel, aviation fuels, glycol and more.

Oils, Fuels and Glycol Analysis

We recognize that the accurate identification of petroleum product properties is critical to your industry. Whether we are testing pipeline, exploration or production plan products, the accuracy of our results directly impacts the economic value of your products.

  • Wear metal analysis,

  • Halogen and sulphur content,

  • Specific gravity,

  • Open and closed flash point,

  • TAN and TBN,

  • Distillation,

  • Pour point,

  • Freezing point,

  • Boiling point,

  • Colour,

  • Viscosity,

  • Water content,

  • Particle counting,

  • Copper strip corrosion,

  • Foaming characteristic,

  • Emulsion characteristic,

  • Pentane or toluene insolubility,

  • Conductivity,

  • Etc.