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Specialized services and technical support

Eurofins EnvironeX’s preferred approach is to develop a strong partnership with our clients based on teamwork, professional ethics and confidentiality. We respond to the real needs of our clients to help them address the complexities and special aspects of each project.

It is our aim to offer multidisciplinary services ensuring excellence so that the goals of each project are met and our customers are completely satisfied.

We Offer Special Services, such as:

  • Product and technology development assistance;

  • Method development and validation;

  • Import and export requirements;

  • Fostering technological advances through laboratory testing and pilot studies;

  • Methods without accreditation are available and they have been developed and validated to the same scientific and quality standards, meeting and even exceeding basic requirements;

  • Detecting and identifying contaminants or micro-organisms;

  • Developing a quality assurance and control program for environmental monitoring, demonstrations or controls that can potentially give rise to legal disputes or examinations.

Analysis results are confidential and are delivered via the Internet. In order to meet our customers’ service needs, our laboratories are open evenings and weekends. In addition, we can provide sampling equipment and offer sample collection services.