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Iron ochre

Eurofins EnvironeX Laboratories have superior expertise in screening for iron ochre, with a department dedicated to the analysis of this substance.

Iron ochre is a reddish-colour muddy deposit caused by naturally occurring bacterial activity in the iron found in the soil and groundwater. When the concentration of this bacteria is high, a reddish gel composed of 90% water is produced, which can block the perforated drains around the foundations of your home as well as the basement sump pump. These blocked drains can result in water infiltration in your basement.

Iron Ochre Analysis

We determine the iron ochre profile in water as follows:

  • We use the ASTM D932-85 international method to count and identify the iron bacteria.

  • Referring to the APCHQ table, we record the blind drain’s potential for clogging in the analysis report.

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Sampling Protocol