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Analytical services, mining sector

Chemists and microbiologists, analytical services related to our laboratories provide additional specialized expertise to differentiate ourselves and to better meet the needs assessment and control of the mining sector.

Our multidisciplinary and integrated approach allows our laboratories to perform comprehensive analysis of environmental media, special tests and the overall management of analytical testing that may be required for complex situations.

Drinking Environmental Controls in the Mining Sector​

Being accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 (2005), our laboratories are able to achieve environmental controls required by the Industrial Waste Reduction Program (PRRI) and Regulation 019 of the Mining Industry:

  • Wastewater, surface water and groundwater;

  • Mining residues classification: contaminated, low and high risk leachable.

Other controls required by the mining sector can also be managed by our laboratories:

  • Mining residues containing cyanide, radioactive or flammable;

  • Acid generation potential;

  • Effluent toxicology, toxicity reduction and air emissions control.