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Acquisition of Alpharmco Ltée by Eurofins EnvironeX

It is with great pleasure that I announce today that Eurofins EnvironeX acquires all of the assets of Alpharmco Ltée, a Quebec laboratory specializing in microbiological analysis services for the pharmaceutical, natural health and cosmetic sectors.

Alpharmco Ltée is a Quebec company founded in 2007 by Mr. Benjamin Salm which operates a laboratory accredited by Health Canada located in St-Hubert, Québec, and which employs about fifteen employees. « We are happy and proud to be able to benefit from the expertise of Eurofins EnvironeX and to continue our expansion with a consolidated team that will allow us to further offer our clients, diversified services of the highest quality. » said Alpharmco’s President Benjamin Salm.

Mr. Benjamin Salm will henceforth continue to work as Director, Business Development for the Health and Pharmaceutical division at Eurofins EnvironeX.
With the acquisition of Alpharmco, we are pleased to be able to benefit from the talent and expertise of the team of specialists in place to continue the expansion of our Health and Pharmaceutical division. I am very optimistic about the growth prospects for this sector.

For our distinguished clientele, no changes have been made and we continue to operate our laboratories as you are used to. There is no change in the current corporate structure.

By reiterating our deep satisfaction to count you among our distinguished customers, receive the expression of our most respectful greetings.

Marc Hamilton, microbiologist, RMCCM

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